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Dinsense gearbox product lines offer high precision at affordable prices! The Planetary Gearbox product offering includes both In Line and Right Angle configurations, built with the design goal of offering a cost-effective gearbox, without sacrificing quality. These Planetary Gearboxes are available in sizes from 40mm to 200mm, ideal for motors ranging from NEMA 17 to NEMA 42 and larger. We are offered in up to 40 different gear ratios, with torque ratings up to 17,000Nm, and are compatible with most Servo, Stepper, BLDC, AC or DC motors.
Our factory was re-equipped in 2007 and all work is completed using the latest imported European technology.
Each individual part of the gearbox is designed for maximum life and reliability as a completely modular structure, developing extraordinary performance for cost: With low noise, high precision, high torque and long life just some of our features.
Manufactured in suitable dimensions to fit Japan Yaskawa, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Fuji, and Taiwan Teco production servo motors.
Dinsense are committed to their customers in the most efficient and timely manner to provide high quality precision planetary reducers at the most economical cost and, we always seek to satisfy our customers. We make our products with emphasis on high quality and long life; we hope you recognize our sincere and rigorous efforts with the design and build of each product. 

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